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Every year GenkiJACS makes a donation to UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund. Before we became an NPO, we donated 5% of after-tax profits. As an NPO doesn’t have “profits”, it was a little harder to decide how much to give last year. In the end, we decided to just double our 2007 donation!

We really recommend UNICEF as a great organization. We were surprised to read on the UNICEF website that “[f]or the last five consecutive years, the Japan Committee has been the largest donor of private funds raised for UNICEF around the world, contributing more than US$100 million to UNICEF in 2003.”
The work that UNICEF does to help children around the world is invaluable, and we wish that we could donate more. If you live in Japan, consider donating to UNICEF Japan through their website. You can pay by credit card, automatic transfer from a bank account, or at convenience stores. If you live overseas, this form lets you find the relevant UNICEF organization for your own country. They need your help now!
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Posted by Learning Japanese | April 24, 2009 | 01:40:29

That is pretty noble of them.

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