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Fukuoka Resident Part-time Student Version

(Please read before applying for a course.)

1. Before applying for the chosen courses (hereinafter referred to as "Course Programme"), the applicant will read and understand the Genki Japanese and Culture School (hereinafter "the School") course agreement (hereinafter "Agreement").


2. Contract application and formation

2.1 An application shall be considered to have been made when the Course Programme filled out and submitted by the applicant is received by the School.

2.2 A contract shall be considered to have been formed when the applicant communicates to the School intent to pay the sum of money specified in the estimate received from the School.


3. Reasons for refusal

The school reserves the right to refuse an application if it is established that one or more of the following conditions are met:

3.1 The applicant is under 18, and the applicant's parent or legal guardian has not given verifiable permission to study at the School.

3.2 The requested course is unavailable.

3.3 Any other reason as determined by the school.


4. Necessary documents

The School will notify the applicant separately by post or email regarding all documents necessary to study with us. The specified documents, including all specified items filled in using the specified language, must be returned to the School by the specified date.


5. Various fees

5.1 Application fee

An application fee of 5,000 yen is payable upon application, regardless of the course applied for. The application does not include any other fees such as tuition fees.

5.2 Tuition

In general, tuition is paid in advance, for 4 lessons at a time. In special circumstances, if the student does not expect to study 4 more lessons with the school, payment for fewer than 4 lessons can be accepted.

5.3 Other fees

The fees listed below are not included in 5.1 and 5.2 above. They must be paid by the applicant depending on request and/or requirement.

5.3.1 Travel fees

The applicant is responsible for costs incurred in traveling to and from the School.

5.3.2 Activity participation fees

The applicant is responsible for any participation fees or other costs related to participation in optional special activities put on by the School.


6. Alteration/Cancellation Fee

In the case that the applicant requests to change the course or schedule of study, no special fees are required. However, depending on the season, changes to schedule may not be possible, so please confirm with the School first. In addition, if the change in course or schedule results in a change in cost to the Applicant, that cost will be billed or returned to the Applicant.

In case of cancellation of a class, the Applicant must give the School direct notification by phone or email, by 3pm of the day before the lesson. In case of class cancellations after this deadline, the tuition for that day will not be refunded to the Applicant, even for exceptional circumstances such as sickness. In case of schedule change, the student shall inform the teacher or the school at least two days in advance of the scheduled lesson. Other than in exceptional circumstances as defined by the school, no refunds will be made. When a class is cancelled, it can be rescheduled for another date.


7. Payment of fees

The fees specified in conditions 5 and 6 must be paid to the specified account of the School or directly to the School by the specified date. If the fee is not received by the specified date, the application process may be stopped, or it may not be possible to begin lessons on the requested date. Additionally, if the tuition fee should change for reasons beyond the control of the School, the applicant must pay the additional sum in the manner specified by the School.


8. Post-application withdrawal and return of fees

In the case of withdrawal from the program after application, fees will be returned to the applicant, taking into account condition 13. Bank transfer costs associated with return of fees are the responsibility of the applicant. Additionally, other costs associated with the withdrawal, or actual verifiable losses suffered by the School, are the responsibility of the applicant. In the case that the School has paid costs in advance for the applicant, the applicant will reimburse the School for these costs.


9. If continuation of procedures is not possible

If the necessary documents or fees are not received by the specified date, or if the School is unable to complete necessary procedures in a timely fashion due to reasons beyond the control of the School, matters will be dealt with as provided for in condition 13.


10. Cancellation by the School

The School may cancel the programme contract in accordance with this agreement upon notifying the applicant, if any of the following causes are established.

If the documents specified in condition 4 are not received by the specified date.

If the fees specified in condition 5 are not paid by the specified date.

If the whereabouts of the applicant are unknown, or if there has been no contact from the applicant for a period of more than a month (30 days).

If documents submitted to the School by the applicant are found to contain a falsehood, or a vital omission.

Other reasons as provided by the School.

In the case that the School cancels a contract based on any of the items above, matters will be dealt with as provided for in condition 13.


11. Students may request a certain teacher for their lessons, and the school will take students requests into account. However, the School reserves the right to arrange any teacher for any lesson, and to change teachers without notice, where unavoidable.


12. Exemption from responsibility

The School can not accept responsibility if any of the following causes result in the applicant being unable to study at the School, the date of study being changed, or any other problem.

If the course applied for is full, and the applicant is therefore unable to enter the School.

If the applicant is unable to receive a passport or visa, or is refused entry to Japan .

In cases of disaster, war, strike, terrorism, unforeseen circumstances, or other Acts of God.

If study is considered impossible due to the health of the applicant.

Accident, fire, disaster, fraud or injury during the period of study.

Trouble related directly to procedures to be performed by the applicant before entering the School.

Denial of matriculation related to late payment of fees or late submission of documents.

Cancellation or change due to other personal reasons of the applicant.

The School can not accept responsibility for any accident occurring during travel to and from the School.

The School can not accept responsibility for any physical, mental or economic damages suffered by the student from causes beyond the control of the School.

The School will require payment of damages from the applicant in the case that the applicant's intended action has the result of causing losses to the School or other losses due to violation of law or ordinance.

Since it is expected that all applications are made with full understanding of the relevant terms and conditions, no objections with regard to fees will be accepted after entering the School.

The School can not accept responsibility for losses due to disaster, war, strike, terrorism, or other factors beyond the control of the School.

If the date of enrollment is changed or delayed due to the applicant, or the applicant withdraws from the School before the period of study has been completed, as a general rule, fees will not be returned to the applicant. In case of fee repayment, fees will be repaid in accordance with the rules of the School. (Bank transfer costs associated with return of fees are the responsibility of the applicant.)


13. Cancellation and return of fees after application

The admission fee, and any difference in fees related to the change will not be returned.

Tuition fees and other fees that can be returned will be returned to the applicant. However, the School will deduct from any amount already paid by the applicant a reasonable sum to cover any expenses or actual verifiable losses occurred in canceling the contract such as telephone costs. If the total of expenses and losses is more than the amount previously paid by the applicant to the School, the School will bill the applicant separately for the additional sum.
The applicant can cancel at any time. However, depending on the date of cancellation, a cancellation fee may be required. The cancellation fees and alteration fees for the School are shown below.
Before the first day of classes: Free
On or after the first day of classes: 100% of total billed cost


14. Responsibility for damages

In the case that the applicant suffers damages due to a cause beyond the control of the School, the school can not accept responsibility.


15. Judicial jurisdiction

Any litigation related to the terms of this agreement is exclusively under the jurisdiction of the Fukuoka Prefectural Court.


16. Amendment of this agreement

This agreement may be amended without notice to the applicant, depending on circumstances.


The terms of this agreement apply to all contracts for Programme Courses applied for on or after October the 1st, 2004.


(Other important points)

As a rule, the applicant must attend all classes listed for each programme applied for. However, classes may be suspended for Japanese national holidays.

The applicant is responsible for the applicant's own valuables. Make sure to put valuables in a locked bag, or safe place.


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