The last couple days flew by. I feel as if I just got here.. But reality hits…I’m done. No more bean bag sandwiches or unhealthy conbini foods that will come back and bite me later in the day. I can say that Japan has grew on me. I learned a little about part of my heritage. I can’t speak that well because I never practiced…but my listening has increased. I can read some signs that are all in kanji and say words that make the sensei’s cringe. For some reason I know all the things you shouldn’t say. haha. So…yea. Genki JACS was a cool school. Lotta happy teachers who will help you and stuff. You also make really cool friends here. I’ve made a couple and we still talk and all that. Like one of the students who’s been here more than once said, {you always meet the coolest people on their last week.{ hmm…when I get back to the state side, it’s back to overeating and foul language. America…we do eat too much huh? We also waste to much food/gas etc etc. We think only of ourselves. I’m not gonna miss that part of American culture. Japan is great because they actually do things like recycle and have no smoking campaigns etc etc. They’re doing everything they can to help the earth. We’re doing everything to destroy it. haha. no it’s not funny…haha. what am I trying to say. I have idea. Anyway, yea. It’s been great over here. I probably stressed all the sensei’s out and made them cringe with fear when they saw me walk in. They would smile and all that and say hi, but they’re probably thinking OH MY GOD. HE’S BACK. NO HOMEWORK!! ARRRRGGGGGH. KILL KILL KILL. haha. But they’re still smiling. haha. I love japanese people. Fukuoka’s also the cleanest place I’ve ever been in. So I’ll probably go through AMPM withdrawl. OH NO. DUN DUN DUN. hahahahahhahahhahaha. Oh last night, I was homeless. haha. It was interesting. I saw a lot of Bosozoku, drunk salary men, etc etc. It was also very cold. That part sucked, but everything else was good. Guess that’s it for now. -OUT