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Small class sizes

A maximum of 8* students per class means a lot more attention from your teacher, making it easier to catch and correct your weak points in an intimate and comfortable environment, without getting lost in the crowd.

*exceptionally may be 9 students during peak season for a short period of time

Start any Monday

Study when it suits you - our school doesn't close for long holiday periods, so you can study with us any time of the year. We're happy to adapt to your schedule, no matter how packed it may be.

*if you are a complete beginner, you may only start on the first Monday of the month, or the first/third Monday of June, July and August

Study as long as you want

Only able to slip away from work for 2 weeks? Want to study for 3 months? Our short-term courses don't have set lengths, so we can adapt our schedule to your time-sensitive needs!

Student visas available

Study up to 18 months and work part-time to support yourself! Currently only available in Fukuoka - one of the best and most livable cities in Japan.

All levels accepted

Never heard a word of Japanese in your life? Don't worry, we've got you covered! Whether you're a total beginner, or have been watching anime for over ten years, we're sure to have an ongoing class suited to your level.

Star World Language School

Multiple accreditations and awards, including being selected as one of the top language schools in the world, are a guarantee of a great education.

At Genki, we believe you can't learn a language using only a textbook. You need to feel it, use it, live it.
That's why we focus not only on teaching you the basics of grammar, but also on how to live in Japan and communicate with real Japanese people.

Our courses

Core Japanese course

You won’t get far in Japan without being able to speak the language, but using the special techniques our teachers have developed, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to learn! Our Standard Course uses original, modern materials combined with activities based on real-world situations, improving your Japanese speaking ability in a way that gives you the flexibility to adapt to new situations. Study with us and you won’t be just studying Japanese, you’ll be actually using it in no time.

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Lesson system:
Two grammar lessons and two lessons focused on speaking, listening, writing or reading. Every day. Practice what you’ve learnt at home by homework and assignments, then put that new knowledge to use the next day in our language skills practical classes.

Customize your experience:
Add any of the exciting modules or add-ons below for an even more intense and intensive learning experience!

Plus Conversation Module

Plus Conversation

Add five extra classes each week of conversational Japanese. These extra classes focus on some of the interesting aspects of conversational Japanese such as slang, dialects, specialized vocabulary, and more.

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Traditional Culture Module


Learn about the wonderful culture of Japan while learning the language. You will have three "experience" lessons every Saturday, including kimono wearing, tea ceremony and more!

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Pop Culture Module


Get a deep understanding of Japan as it is today, and experience the most fun, interesting and weird aspects of modern culture. You will have three "experience" lessons every Saturday, focusing on manga drawing, cat cafe and more!

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Private Lessons

Private lessons

Choose what you want to focus on. 50 minutes one-to-one with a native, licensed, bilingual Japanese teacher.

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Special modules and package courses

1 year course

1-year course

Our Core Japanese Course, running for a special course length of 40 weeks, with an additional 9-11 weeks of vacation. Available at a discount.

Student visas available in Fukuoka!

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6-month course

6-month course

Our Core Japanese Course running for a special course length of 24 weeks, available at a discount!

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genkiLINK course


A very special 10-month student visa course that facilitates opportunities for interaction with Japanese high school students in a variety of scenarios: joining volunteer outreaches together, hosted game nights, sports clubs and hobby circles, joining high school after school activities, and more! The number one best way to make Japanese friends.

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nextGEN course


nextGEN is a special package program offered only during Summer at Genki Japanese and Culture School. It combines the best, most fun activities of our Traditional Culture and Pop Culture courses with special services only available to minors. Younger students are sure to love nextGEN!

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Accomodation options

Host Family


You will become a member of a Japanese family. Practise the Japanese you learned in school at home. Learn what a real Japanese home is like. Breakfast included - dinner available upon request.

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Private residence


Private bedroom, shared facilities. Shared with other GenkiJACS students, Japanese residents or students of other schools. Closer to school.

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Shared Residence


2-8 people per room, in a house shared with other students or Japanese residents. Make lots of friends!

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Supervised Residence

Supervised Residence

Private bedroom, shared facilities, with a live-in supervisor that looks after students. Shared with other GenkiJACS students, Japanese residents or students of other schools. Meals available!

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Private Apartment

Private Apartment

Small studio apartment suited for 1 person. Comes fully furnished with all the standard amenities and is usually located very close to school!

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Shared Apartment

Shared Apartment

Private bedroom in a house with facilities (bathroom, kitchen etc) shared with a Japanese resident. Think of it as a flat-share or room-mate setup.

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2P Apartment

2-person Apartment

An apartment big enough to share with a friend or partner. Usually located quite close to school, though can be more expensive than standard options.

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Long-term Apartment

Long-term Apartment

Only available for students on the 1-year course in Fukuoka.

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Fukuoka - Total Immersion

Total Immersion

Fukuoka on map of Japan

A less touristy destination means fewer foreigners, meaning a lot more opportunity to practise your Japanese! Voted most livable city in Japan several times. Small enough to be convenient with all the comfort and amenities you expect from a big city!

Tokyo - City of the Future

City of the Future

Tokyo on map of Japan

Tokyo needs no introduction as one of the most famous and hugest cities in the world. Experience otaku culture in the famous Akihabara, or get lost in the biggest and busiest train station in the world in Shinjuku!

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Begin the journey of a lifetime. Speak Japanese, live Japan.

About Us

Accredited and award-winning Japanese school in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka. Learn real-world, communicative Japanese in small, intimate classes. Kickstart the journey of a lifetime in Japan, or bring your existing skills to new levels.

Head Office

Hakataekihigashi 1-16-23,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812-0013,

+81 (0)92 472 0123
Skype: genkijacs

Tokyo School

Hanazono Bldg 3F, Shinjuku 5-17-6,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022,

+81 (0)3 6457 3554
Skype: genkijacs

Kyoto School

Hayashi Bldg 2F, Shimizuchō (Kawaramachidōri), 454-1,
Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi 600-8025,

+81 (0)75-353-0003
Skype: genkijacs