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Getting around in Nagoya

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Using the public transportation in Nagoya

Like any other big city in Japan, Nagoya has a good choice of public transportation options and ticketing deals. It may be a little overwhelming to navigate different transportation systems for those who have not been to Japan yet. So let's demystify it.

It doesn't matter whether you want to stay for a month or a year, we recommend getting an IC card, as it will allow you to pay for your trips without using cash. The most common IC card in Nagoya is called Manaca. Initial price will include some credit as well, so you will have some funds to begin with. You can get the card at almost any station, and we highly recommend it. If you are planning to stay in Nagoya for a longer-term, buying a season ticket is the best way to go, and you can do it by getting the Manaca card and setting it up to be a season pass. Convenient right!

To help you travel, we always recommend downloading an app called Navitime.

If you have internet access on your phone, Google Maps is also very accurate. It should give you some idea of where you are and how to get to your destination!


The Nagoya Subway system is quite vast. Six lines cover almost 100 km and will get you to most places within the city limits. The lines are colour-coded, so once you are used to it, it is quite easy.

Official website (English) Click here to download a large version of the subway map


An incredibly convenient network of buses and one of the cheapest way of travel. Every ride, except for Night Buses has a flat fare.

Official bus website (English)


Several train lines are going through Nagoya. JR, Meitetsu and Kintetsu are the main ones you might want to remember. These are big companies, but for your information, we included their pages below.

Meitetsu website (English) Kintetsu website (English) JR website (English)

Getting from Chubu Cetrair International Airport to the city center

Airport transfer service

Leave it up to us

We can arrange for either a member of your host family, or a for a taxi driver, to fetch you from the airport when you arrive, and drop you off at your accommodation. The driver will meet you at the arrivals gate, after you collect your luggage/go through customs. They will be carrying a signboard with your name, as well as the name of the school.

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Public transport

By train

Meitetsu line will take you from the airport directly to Nagoya Station in under 30 minutes, and with the fare of around 1300 Yen it is a great way to travel. There other limited express lines and they will take about 40 minutes. Meitetsu bus has a route which takes about 90 minutes and costs 1,200 Yen.

Meitetsu line timetable WeekdaysMeitetsu line timetable Weekends

The airport taxi will take you to the area around Nagoya station for about 15,000 Yen. Taking the train is a lot cheaper, but if you are travelling with quite a lot of luggage, a taxi may be a good option for you!

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