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18-Month Student Visa Course with GenkiJACS Fukuoka or I.C.Nagoya

If you are looking to concentrate on studying in Japan for 18 months without applying for a visa extension, this course is for you. Since 2020 GenkiJACS' Fukuoka School has been accredited by the Japanese government to offer student visas for 18 months. The courses start in January, April, July and October, so if you want a chance to stay in Japan for a longer period, bring your Japanese to an even higher level and see what can be achieved in 1.5 years, then this is the right choice.

From 2021, the very same course can now be taken at our sister School I.C.Nagoya in, you guessed it, Nagoya!

If you are a holder of a Working Holiday Visa or hold another type of visa which allows you to stay in Japan for a year or longer, this course may be for you. The Japanese student visa application is a complex process, but it doesn't have to be. We will guide you through the whole process and provide full support in English. Every visa application that had no issues was approved by the government.

Much like our 1-year Student Visa course, there are strict government rules students must follow to keep their student visas. Attendance will be taken and regular tests conducted, so we recommend only those who are very serious about studying Japanese should apply.

Looking for a shorter-term course instead? Try these options!

Mandatory test during your study with us!

View information about the J.Test

Package Details

 20 lessons/week
  Held on weekdays (Monday-Friday)
  Starts in January, April, July and October
  Students must be at a beginning of Beginner 2 level or below. If you're not sure what level you are, have a look here: Levels
  You will get a 3-month license for WaniKani for free. (more information here: what is WaniKani?)
 You can either win a scholarship with us or get a scholarship from MEXT! Check for more information here:

For Fukuoka

  Add modules/add-ons

For Nagoya

  Add-On Courses are not available
  • package price
This price includes all school costs, textbook costs, visa mailing charges, health check, and all other fees required to study with us, except accommodation. You will not be required to pay any other fees to study with us.
18 months is too long? Take me to the 1-year course page

Visa application deadline for October 2021 in Nagoya*




If you have your own visa, you can enroll up to 2 weeks before the start of the course.
* Please note that if you need the school to sponsor your student visa, we have reached full capacity for our Fukuoka school and the next earliest intake for this school will be April 2022

Discount Details

The core Japanese course is booked and paid in advance for a year. You'll have 20 class hours per week-two classes focus on grammar, and two classes focus on applying your skills to real-world situations. Classes have a maximum of 8* students, and focus on communication skills for daily life, rather than academic Japanese. We offer 60 weeks of classes with a 30% discount!

*may be 9 students during peak season for a max of 1 week

  • Class weeks per year
  • Minutes of class per year
  • Cost per week
  • Total discount

18 months

  • Class weeks per year 60 weeks
  • Minutes of class per year 60,000 minutes
  • Cost per week ~22,800 yen
  • Total discount 30%


  • Class weeks per year 40 weeks
  • Minutes of class per year 40,000 minutes
  • Cost per week 24,200 yen
  • Total discount 25%

Who is eligible?

You must be at a beginning of Beginner 2 level or below when starting with us. If your Japanese level is too high already, you won’t be able to take our 18-month course, but a 6-months or 1 year course might be possible instead.

You or a family member must be able to show funds to pay for tuition and living expenses (minimum roughly 2,000,000 but we recommend 2,750,000)

You must apply before the deadline.

View application deadlines

Required documents

The specific documents you need to provide depend on your situation, but in general you will need:

Proof of identification

Proof of employment (if working).

Proof of bank balance and income (either yours or your financial sponsor’s)

Proof of graduation from school (junior high or higher)

When we receive your confirmed application, we will send you the student visa application form, and a list of required documents, along with detailed instructions.

Mandatory test during your study

The J.Test

During your year of study with us, you will need to take the J.Test. It is an external test, and the Japanese government requires our students to take it. No choice, but to take it!


We focus on teaching communicative Japanese and the J.Test tests one's ability to communicate in Japanese. There are no coincidences in this world, but then again, sometimes there are!


We all like free things. We will cover the test fee for you.

Offered regulary

The test takes place six times per year! So, if you love taking tests, technically you could take the test every other month. We can't claim to understand this hobby, but it is way more frequent than the twice a year JLPT schedule

J Test logo

Terms & conditions

As this course is already discounted, other discounts (returner's discount, group discount, etc.) do not apply to this course.

Payment must be made in advance for at least 990,000.

In case of cancellation after the start of the program, refunds will be given for any terms that have not yet begun. No refund will be given for terms that have already begun. Please note that these conditions are different from our standard refund conditions.

Course FAQs

No, this course is only available in Fukuoka. Unfortunately, we are only able to provide student visa support at our Fukuoka campus. But if you are hoping to study in Tokyo or Kyoto, do check our 6 months course.
We know why you opened that! We're like you, we are not big fans of tests. But this test is a mandatory requirement, and orders come from the Japanese government. Call us silly, but when requirements come from the Japanese government, we tend to follow their instructions :).
In short YES, you will need to take this test at least once during your study with us.
Yes, you are allowed to work for up to 28 hours per week during term time, and up to 40 hours per week during your holiday. However, remember that your primary goal is to study, so please do not allow work to interfere with your school hours.

Of course, working in Japan could be fun and if you would like to try, due to our scheduling we ask our students to find a part-time job that will allow you to work on weekends and after 18:00 on weekdays.
Your level of Japanese you achieve in 18 months will dictate whether you can extend your course or not. If you are too high of a level, we might recommend an alternative school or can discuss further options with you.
A good number of our students have found employment after studying with us. It does depend on your level of Japanese at the start of your course. Most jobs in Japan ask for a university degree and at least a JLPT 2 level of Japanese.
As much as we would love to, we are a Japanese language school, and not a job placement agency :) We can of course help with advice, writing your CV, and preparing for your job interview.
What a great goal! Yes, you can if you would like to. It does require a certain level of Japanese as you can imagine, but even if you have never formally learned Japanese, we would be super happy to be your first step towards achieving your goal.

Check out our list of vocational colleges and their requirements here to get a head start.

Begin the journey of a lifetime. Speak Japanese, live Japan.

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Accredited and award-winning Japanese school in Tokyo, Kyoto and Fukuoka. Learn real-world, communicative Japanese in small, intimate classes. Kickstart the journey of a lifetime in Japan, or bring your existing skills to new levels.

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