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An extraordinary thing on this school is the atmosphere. The teachers are relaxed and in a really good mood. It is real fun to have lessons with them. It’s a great place to study. I would recommend the school and I’m looking forward for my next stay at Genki JACS.

- Angela (Fukuoka)

I had a great host family. They were very welcoming, and always tried to make my stay in Fukuoka fun and interesting. I was very happy with them.

- Dylan (Fukuoka)

I was pleasantly surprised. You feel almost part of a family here. The teachers were open to talk about what you want. They aren't afraid to stray from the lesson. I learned a ton!

- Carmen (Tokyo)

The atmosphere was very welcoming and supportive. I had a great time and learnt a lot. I'd come again!

- Fernando (Fukuoka)

I live in America. Coming to Japan is obviously a big deal. And still, I would certainly consider returning to GenkiJACS. Thank you!

- Guillaume (Fukuoka)

Very good teachers, small classes. If I were to come back to learn Japanese, I would come here.

- Jennifer (Tokyo)

My host family has been very kind and helpful. Thank you for finding a good place for me to homestay. Without them I couldn't have managed to settle here.

- David (Tokyo)

I really appreciated how open the teachers were to questions and suggestions. The trips were also very educational and fun.

- Julien (Kyoto)

The teachers are simply fantastic. Knowledgeable, fun and caring. I achieved excellent results in just 7 weeks. Location is simply fantastic.

- Matthew (Tokyo)

GenkiJACS was and is a unique experience. I went here last year and I will never forget it. The teachers are all really friendly and helpful.

- Olivia (Fukuoka)

Compared to other language schools I have studied at, the instructors at GenkiJACS are very enthusiastic. While my instructors were very professional in the classroom, they were also great companions/friends who love to hang out with the students with optional after-school activities. The administrative staff at GenkiJACS has been one of the very best I have ever interacted with.

- Lucy (Fukuoka)

I was surprised by the friendliness and amount of teacher/student interaction outside of the classroom.

- Lisa (Fukuoka)

The classes were relaxed and interesting and the teachers could easily explain things I had trouble with.

- Tim (Tokyo)

If you want to learn Japanese, Genki JACS is the place to go. Genki JACS is a great all around experience. -- I'm planning to go back again for another 4 weeks.

- Ryan (Kyoto)

The classes were relaxed and interesting and the teachers could easily explain things I had trouble with.

- Christopher (Kyoto)

I want to come back here the next time I come to Japan to study! It was a great experience with which to finish my time in Japan. Thanks so much to everyone at GenkiJACS!

- Danielle (Tokyo)

Originally I went to Genkijacs for four weeks but after two weeks I realized I liked it so much I ended up studying there for three months!

- Natasha (Kyoto)

The staff is extremely friendly, helpful, and always happy to do what it takes for you to feel comfortable and enjoy the experience. It has been a wonderful experience, and I have been back each year.

- Marie Anne (Tokyo)

Friendly and competent teachers! Also, the very small class sizes. It is a large plus that you do not put students with different levels into one class in order to reduce the number of classes!

- Andrew (Tokyo)

Relaxed atmosphere, friendly teachers with excellent teaching skills! Small groups!

- Michael (Tokyo)

The teachers and classes: good attitude and always listening to wishes about class content.

- Lea (Kyoto)

My host family was the best! They are really nice people and if you need something they will help you!

- Christian (Tokyo)

The school made me feel like a special person, not just one more student. I stayed with a host family, and they were amazing! They were so kind to me and took me all around the city. I still stay in touch with them!

- Mary (Fukuoka)

I really loved the atmosphere and the teachers. The teachers are absolutely great and I learned here a lot more than the past 2 years at Germany. Genki 1/2 are the best textbooks for learning Japanese!

- Elliot (Kyoto)

The homestay was fantastic. I could not have asked for a better homestay experience.

- Jocelyn (Fukuoka)

Couldn't ask for nicer host families!

- Duncan (Tokyo)

*For privacy reason, names have been changed.

Begin the journey of a lifetime. Speak Japanese, live Japan.

About Us

Accredited and award-winning Japanese school in Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Nagoya. Learn real-world, communicative Japanese in small, intimate classes. Kickstart the journey of a lifetime in Japan, or bring your existing skills to new levels.

Head Office

Hakataekihigashi 1-16-23,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi 812-0013,

+81 (0)92 472 0123

Tokyo School

Hanazono Bldg 3F, Shinjuku 5-17-6,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022,

+81 (0)3 6457 3554

Kyoto School

Hayashi Bldg 2F, Shimizuchō (Kawaramachidōri), 454-1,
Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi 600-8025,

+81 (0)75-353-0003


Meieki-Nagata Bldg 4F, Meieki 3-26-19, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-0002,

+81 (0)52-433-3152