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Getting around in Fukuoka

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Using the public transportation in Fukuoka

Fukuoka has a variety of transport networks, each with a variety of ticket options, so it can be difficult to know the cheapest method of traveling from your accommodation to the school and back, and also traveling on the weekends or vacations.

For short-term stays, it's usually cheapest to invest in an IC card - a pre-paid travel pass that can be used on most buses, subways and trains. They can be bought at almost all stations, either from vending machines or from staff. The price includes travel credit, and a deposit that can be refunded when you finish using the card. Each time you use the card (by tapping it on the gates as you enter and leave a station), the cost of your travel is deducted from the card. You can add more funds to the card at any station, using the machines. There are several brands available, such as Nimoca, Hayakaken, etc. Remember to ask our friendly reception staff which card is best for your needs!

For longer stays, discounted travel passes are available. These are usually valid for travel between two stops (Hakata station, and whichever station/bus stop is nearest your accommodation), and can be bought for durations of 1, 3 or 6 months.


3 subway lines serve most major destinations in the central area of the city. Not cheap, but very convenient, and the fastest method of getting around.

Official subway website (English) Click here to download a large version of the subway map


Very thorough network of Nishitetsu buses run to almost all locations, with Tenjin (where Genki Japanese school is) as a central hub. Cheapish fares, run from early morning until about 12:30am.

Official bus website (English)


The school is located close by the biggest train station in Kyuushu, Hakata station, from where you can catch the JR or Nishitetsu lines, the Shinkansen or the subway. Ther is also a huge bus center for highway bus travel, as well as several city bus stops.

Hakata station website (English)

Getting from Fukuoka airport to the city center

Airport transfer service

Leave it up to us

We can arrange for either a member of your host family, or a for a taxi driver, to fetch you from the airport when you arrive, and drop you off at your accommodation. The driver will meet you at the arrivals gate, after you collect your luggage/go through customs. They will be carrying a signboard with your name, as well as the name of the school.

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Public transport

By subway

Fukuoka Airport is conveniently located only about 10 mins from Hakata station by subway. The subway station is in the Domestic Terminal. If arriving on an international flight, you will need to take the free airport bus from the International Terminal to the Domestic Terminal. Both of the trains that stop at the airport connect to Hakata station and Tenjin station directly.

Schedule & fee info

By bus

There are Nishitetsu city buses that go directly from the International Terminal to both Hakata and Tenjin stations. However, as these are a bit tricky to ride with large bags/suitcases, we do not recommend this route.

Schedule & fee info

We recommend getting a taxi from the airport to your accommodation. As Fukuoka is such a small city, traveling by taxi is relatively cheap, and is by far the easiest/most convenient way to travel if you have a lot of heavy bags.

Getting a taxi by yourself from the airport can often be cheaper than asking us to book an airport transfer for you!

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