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20-week course

Study at Genki Japanese School for 20 weeks, at a big discount off our standard Japanese tuition cost! This special course is one of our most popular items. This course can be taken by students from countries with visa waiver agreements with Japan or with a working holiday visa (check here to have more information about visas for Japan). In most cases, no special visa is required to stay in Japan for up to 6 months. Start dates are also flexible!

This course is not available on a student visa. For student visa courses, please see our 1-year study course or our 18-month study course instead.

The Japanese student visa application is quite complex and difficult. However, GenkiJACS can complete most of the process for you, and provides support in English for any parts you have to do. We're here to make it easy for you! As of 2022, 100% of our visa applications have been approved.

Looking for a shorter-term course instead? Try these options!

Package Details

 20 lessons lessons/week
  Held on weekdays (Monday-Friday)
  Flexible start (depending on Japanese Level)
  Add modules/addons
  • package price
This price includes all school costs, textbook costs, and all other fees required to study with us, except accommodation. You will not be required to pay any other fees to study with us.

Course Details

Our core Japanese course, booked and paid in advance for 20 weeks. You'll study 20 class hours per week - two classes focus on grammar, and two classes focus on applying your skills to real-world situations. Classes have a maximum of 9 students, and focus on communication skills for daily life, rather than academic Japanese.

Who is eligible?

To be eligible, you must have a valid visa to stay in Japan for the study period. Your options are:

Other long-term visa you already possess (e.g. spouse visa, permanent residency, etc.)

Terms & conditions

As this course is already discounted, other discounts (returner's discount, group discount, etc.) do not apply to this course.

Payment must be made in advance for at least 20 weeks' tuition.

In case of cancellation please follow our terms and conditions.

Course FAQs

As long as you are from a country that has an agreement with Japan under which you are able to visit Japan for a period of time on a visa waiver that is valid for 90 days, then you don't!

Have a look here to see the list of these countries!

The waiver is valid for 90 days from the day of entry, after which you would be required to leave and re-enter the country in order to extend your waiver for a further 90 days. We will be able to guide you through the process and provide all required documentation.

Alternatively, if you can stay in Japan without a visa, then you definitely do not need a visa. :)
In most cases, no. The only time you are allowed to work on this course is if you have a longterm visa (such as a spousal, working holiday, normal working or familial Japanese visa).

Begin the journey of a lifetime. Speak Japanese, live Japan.

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Accredited and award-winning Japanese school in Tokyo, Kyoto, Fukuoka and Nagoya. Learn real-world, communicative Japanese in small, intimate classes. Kickstart the journey of a lifetime in Japan, or bring your existing skills to new levels.

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