If you come to Fukuoka, you gotta eat right? So I guess I will attempt to tell you about a couple of things you may want to try/try to eat. hmm…First thing that comes to mind is……..TAKOYAKI. What is takoyaki? It`s food…haha. Little bits of octopus that are inside of some kind of dumpling?? Also inside is lettuce and other things. Next there is the very delicious, but very unhealthy food called Katsudon. It`s a bowl of rice, with chicken katsu, egg, onions? and a lot of gravy. I wouldn`t recomend eating it everyday..unless you don`t care about your health. You can get a jumbo katsudon at solaria plaza. Take the escalator to b2 and theres a restraunt on the opposite side of the escalator where you can get a cheap katsudon. There are various restraunts on this floor so you don`t have to eat just one thing. There are too many foods too list. One thing that I`Ve heard that most people like to eat, is Hakata Ramen. I don`t know anything about it except that it`s ramen.