If you`re ever bored and have nothing to do on the weekend…GO TO KOREA. It`s right there and you can reach it in about 3hrs by the JR Beetle. If you get sea sick n all that great stuff that comes with being on a boat, take some medicine. The JR beetle is the fastest way to get there unless you fly in an airplane….you could try swimming but I wouldn`t recomend it…if you do wear a lifejacket. Anyway, If you`re going to genkiJACS and want to do something different, you can go to Corea. The one way tickets there were about…nevermind. I forgot, but it wasn`t that expensive. If you do decide to go to Korea, make sure you tell the school/senseis/Kikukosan that you are going. You could pull a `go to Korea tomorrow` move but I wouldn`t recomend it. T

Where will you stay when you get there? If you don`t mind sharring a bathroom with 4-5 strangers than stay at a hostel?? not sure of the spelling. While our little group was in Korea, we stayed at a hostel. It will cost about 30,000 won a night.(for 3 people). Once you get through customs at Busan (Pusan) go to the info center. They`ll mark down all the hostels for you on a map and tell you how to get there. Bring your own towels and all that cuz it won`t be provided. Breakfast will be provided, but it will consists of a piece of toast and a cup of coffee. While you sit there eating, you`ll smell the good food that is being prepared. I`m not sure if you can eat it, but I wanted to.

What to do in Korea…
-Let`s see…if you`re not a native to Japan or Korea…go out! You`re not gonna sit on your … while you`Re there are you? You`ll meet some interesting people whether they`re drunk, friendly, or just another foreigner like yourself. Go shopping, clubbing, sightseeing etc etc. Go to Korea with a friend cuz its more fun. You`ll make friends in korea and you`ll also make some enemies…find out for yourself and stay safe. haha.