Which one is better?? I don’t know. Each has its pros/cons.

Host families are a good way to practice what you’ve learned in school. You get dinner…if you pay for it. A host family may also take you places. i.e. temples, the zoo, sports festival etc etc. Most people I have met who stayed with a host family, enjoyed it. They talked to the family and did many things. If they don’t speak much english, then it forces you to communicate in japanese which is a good thing…depending on how you look at it. If you mess up speaking japanese, you may get laughed at…but I guess they will help you correct it after laughing for a while. There are a lot of good things about stayin with a host family…but I don’t know all of the things yet. The only thing with host families is a curfew. Or a dog that loves to bark when you walk in the door.

Dorms…I don’t know much about the dormitory. You can make some good friends in the dormitory and have a good time. After school, you could meet up and go clubbin or drinking etc etc. Only if you’re of age that is. The legal age in japan is 20. Some of my friends said that livin in the dorm was great because they had no curfew and could go home anytime. Onething they complained about was other students in the dorm stealing all the TP or toilet paper. From what I understand, they also take some of your clothes?? One guy said the lady in charge of the dorms would do your laundry for you…the only thing is that she’d leave with 10-20 socks and come back with five.haha.

Boots: I’ve noticed that a lot of Japanese people are wearing gangster boots. I guess they like boots…