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Intensive Student Terms and Conditions Changelog

  • December 31


    Changed cancellation and pricing policies. Updated sections 2, 4, 9 and 10. Rewrote Sections 7 and 8.

  • April 09


    Rewrote section 7 term 6 to clarify refund conditions for long-term students.

  • March 14


    Rewrote term 5.04 to clarify attendance rate requirements and results.

  • September 26


    Clarified that reduced lessons only apply to students not on student visas, and refunds for long-term students are based on 10-week terms.

  • December 4


    Changed the course conditions in the case that a student is the only student at that ability level (i.e., there would be no other students in the class), or if there are only two students at their ability level. The students' booked course will be cancelled, and a number of private/semi-private lessons given instead (or in combination with certain group classes).

  • August 9


    Added condition regarding airport pickups - if a student isn't on the flight they told us they would be coming on, so we have to go to the airport twice to pick them up, then they will be charged additionally for the second airport pickup.

  • March 17


    Changed title of terms to apply to all students studying 10 hours per week of classes, instead of only non-resident students.

  • March 3


    Added terms to specify what happens if a student is the only student at their ability level.

  • May 21


    1. Rewrote most of the Terms to simplify the language, and remove obsolete conditions.
    2. Updated refund policy to match that displayed at school.

  • February 15


    1. Updated language in Changes after application section to clarify policy on changes during study.
    2. Changed accommodation change fee from 5,250 yen to 5,000 yen.
    3. Updated language in Partial Refunds section to clarify refund policy for national holidays: changed "students will be refunded 1000 yen per canceled intensive class, and 2000 yen per canceled additional class" to "students will be refunded 1000 yen per canceled group class, and 2000 yen per canceled private class."

  • December 7


    1. Removed the terms relating to the Express Fee for applications less than a month in advance, because this fee will no longer be charged.
    2. Reduced the maximum course alteration fee to 2,000 yen.

  • May 22


    Added the following sentence on accommodation changes:
    "There is an additional 5,250 yen charge to change accommodation type after accommodation has been arranged."

  • March 19


    1. Term 9, Refunds, changed to "Partial Refunds", to reflect the fact that previous terms dealt with full refunds.
    2. Term 9-2 rewritten to clarify that there are no refunds when the first day of classes is a national holiday, as level check test, orientation, etc. are still held on that day.
    3. Term 9-3 added, as follows:
      "If the applicant is absent from scheduled group classes, no refund will be provided regardless of the reason. However, at the School's discretion, the School may allow the student to join other scheduled classes of the same duration. For example, if a student misses two days of classes, in some cases it may be possible to extend the student's stay by two days for no extra cost , if an applicable class is already scheduled. In these cases, a new class will not be made specifically for the applicant.
      If the applicant is absent from scheduled private classes, no refund or makeup class will be provided. However, if the applicant contacts the school by 3pm of the previous day to cancel the lesson, a makeup class or, where makeup class is not possible, a refund will be provided."

  • September 30


    1. Changelog created.
    2. The following sentences added:
      1. Accommodation is contracted directly between the applicant and the accommodation provider, NOT the School. The School acts as the contract facilitator. In case of contractual claims related to accommodation, the School will do all in our power to help, but the contractual responsibility lies with the accommodation provider, and the School cannot accept responsibility for provisions outside the terms of this contract.
      2. For example, if the student wishes to cancel the accommodation early, there may be a cancellation fee levied by the accommodation provider, in addition to any School cancellation fees provided for in these Terms. Clarify with the accommodation provider in advance, if you do not receive notification.
    3. The word "maximum" added to this sentence, to clarify that fees lower than 10,000 yen may be charged, depending on circumstances:
      "If the applicant requests to change the date or duration of study, accommodation, or other conditions, a maximum 10,000 yen alteration fee may be required at the discretion of the school."

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